Construction and Real Estate

Construction and Real Estate

Real estate and construction aren't like any other industries. With changing dynamics and a unique set of challenges and growth opportunities, it's important to have a trusted adviser that can help you navigate the increasingly complex space that businesses in this area operate in. BDO offer a range of highly specialised business advisory services, tailored to fit the unique needs of the real estate and construction industries.

We understand that the challenges you face as a real estate and construction business owner are unique to your industry. Revenue and how it's earned is different, the measurement of profit is different, and perhaps most importantly, the challenges and risks you face are different. Operating with large projects, big numbers but tight margins, you want to be sure that you're headed on the right track with your business decisions. Issues surrounding financing, health and safety, sub-contractors and the retentions regime all require careful consideration. To deal with them properly, you need someone who understands your industry and your business inside and out. 

Our real estate and construction business advisory offering is truly specialised. We understand the cycles in the industry, and we're proactive in helping our clients to plan and respond to these cycles. BDO's strong suit has always been privately-owned businesses, and we know how the entrepreneurs and other operators in this sector work. Our Partners have years of experience in the space, and their specialised knowledge and the application of this knowledge will help you to succeed.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we form with our clients. We'll meet with you regularly to discuss industry trends and risks and show you how you can best respond to them. We will come to know every aspect of your business, so we can offer proactive advice to help you to seize opportunities, and identify and avoid issues before they become a reality.

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BDO Construction Sector Report

Based on a survey of more than 210 NZ business owners and leaders in March-April, the 2024 BDO Construction Sector Report report reveals that while the industry appears to be recovering from the construction-specific challenges so prevalent in recent years, it’s now encountering wider economic pressures. Along with an overview of the specific challenges facing the construction sector right now, our report captures the current sentiment of construction leaders and explores their expectations for the future. We deep-dive into specific projects, business types and regions, and provide practical tips for construction business leaders to help navigate the challenges ahead.
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BDO Business Wellbeing Index - Construction Sector Report

The economic impacts we’ve seen in sectors across New Zealand are making their mark in construction, driving negative wellbeing and creating business performance concerns for leaders in this space. Find out more in the Construction Sector findings of our BDO Business Wellbeing Index
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