Focus on farming: Diversification drives opportunities – the Quartz Hill Station story

Focus on farming: Diversification drives opportunities – the Quartz Hill Station story

New Zealand’s agriculture sector has weathered many storms in recent years, from extreme weather events and climate risks to slow economic conditions and fluctuating global markets. Despite this, farmers are finding their way through. April’s BDO Business Wellbeing Index showed a record-high number of agribusiness leaders were feeling positive about their business performance, and even more were positive when thinking about their future performance. So what are agribusiness leaders doing to navigate the current conditions?

Quartz Hill Station’s diversification – brings business and lifestyle benefits
For Quartz Hill Station co-owner Dan Harper, farming is a balancing act. Together with his wife Georgie and her parents Colin and Hilary, they own and operate the third-generation property in the foothills of inland Canterbury. With approximately 30,000 stock units split across four different properties - including sheep, beef, deer, dairy, arable and a soon-to-be-launched tourist multi-day walk - Quartz Hill Station is now a truly diversified business, operating in multiple markets with multiple revenue streams. And while running such a busy farm isn’t without its challenges, Dan says he enjoys the variety and exploring new opportunities, including the venture into tourism.

“We’ve got a great spot here and probably some scenery we take for granted sometimes. We decided that [tourism] was a good way to make a bit of money and share our property with other people” Dan Harper, Owner, Quartz Hill Station.

Watch the Quartz Hill Story Station below:

Diversification may not work for all agribusinesses, but it’s a strategy many farm owners are exploring as they navigate market cycles.

“Many agribusiness sectors right now are facing varying fortunes and distinct cycles, which can create challenges for business leaders. As a result, we’re seeing many clients looking into diversification. There is a lot of hard work involved in diversifying a farm and it can be a long journey, but farms that manage this successfully can benefit from spreading risk, opening new revenue streams and fostering a more robust and sustainable business model. Quartz Hill Station is a great example of a farm that has wholeheartedly embraced diversification and the opportunities that come with it.” – Rod Hansen, BDO Agribusiness Partner

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