Helping to create a more sustainable world

Sustainability matters. Our people, the organisations we engage with, and the society in which we operate are all invested in long-term environmental and social sustainability. Together, we have to find a way to meet our current needs without jeopardising the needs of future generations.

We understand that sustainability is a priority issue for you. And we also understand that it’s a journey – there are many steps you want to take now, and there are also some longer-term gains you can make, which require a little more thought.

We want to help you on that journey, because sustainability matters for us also. We know that there are reporting requirements you must meet, but we also know that just like us, caring for the land and the community goes beyond compliance – it is something you are deeply invested in, because like us, you care about the world that future generations will inherit.

At BDO, we give practical advice for any stage of an organisation's journey – we’re not advisers who’ll just provide a strategy doc and leave it at that. The same goes for sustainability and ESG.

Over the past year we’ve provided real, practical advice to help organisations undergo financial transformation to support sustainability goals, know their carbon footprint or number, and developed bespoke non-financial audits and reports. Our work has included involvement in the Not-for-Profit sector around impact measurement, providing bespoke advice to Māori business and engagement with economic development boards to provide reports and recommendations into the long-term viability of carbon farming.

We know that we don’t have all the answers – because we’re on the sustainability journey with you too. But we’re committed to learning as much as we can, and sharing those learnings so that together, we can create a sustainable Aotearoa and a sustainable world.

Our ESG business advisory offering

Through BDO and our networks, you can access a broad range of ESG services:

  • Accounting and advisory to support sustainability-led business transformations
  • Environmental sustainability and emissions reduction advisory
  • Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) advisory
  • Carbon footprint measurement and reduction
  • Bespoke reporting and consulting services on various aspects of ESG
  • Māori business service
  • Non-financial disclosure reports and advice
  • Social impact measurement service
  • Non-financial audits

Why BDO ESG advisory?

There is so much that can be done when it comes to ESG. But the actions you choose to take will depend on your organisation's specific conditions and where you are located. Different regions of New Zealand will have different ESG priorities. At BDO, we have 16 offices located across Aotearoa – our advisers live and work in the same communities as you, and that means we have a genuine understanding of your specific conditions and the ESG priorities for different regions.

Many of our advisers are experts in their field, and have been consulted on various aspects of government ESG legislation, particularly emissions trading and agricultural sustainability.

We have a strong emphasis on practical advice to help you on your ESG journey – reach out today to find out how we can help create a more sustainable world.

Meet our sustainability team

Angela Edwards | BDO Northland

Angela Edwards

National Māori Business Sector Leader, Audit, Assurance & Advisory Partner, Kerikeri Managing Partner