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BDO Invercargill’s values define who we are and what we are about. We support our clients from start-up to sale or succession through all the highs and lows that inevitably come from doing business. These values reflect how we interact with each other, our clients and our communities.

  • To lead responsibly
  • To make sustainable decisions
  • To seek better outcomes
  • It is people, It is people
  • To be open and wellbeing

The world of accounting is changing and evolving and we are too. The changing environment means our focus is you the client, the future and your evolving needs. Our relationship-focused Invercargill accounting firm works to ensure you have real-time business reporting and connectivity. We encourage you to stay relevant and look to the future. We are constantly looking to evolve the services we provide and assist with the innovation of your business and its processes. Too many people are caught up working in their business, not on their business. That is where the BDO team can make a difference. Our Partner-led accounting services and experienced team combined with the expertise and resources of the BDO national and international network, give us the unique edge in Invercargill, and wider Southland

Exceptional client experience

We share common values, are constantly evolving, and are prepared to deliver for each other and our clients.

Our vision of an exceptional client experience is built on a framework we follow every day:

  • Being clear, open and swift in our communication.
  • Creating value by giving clients up to date ideas and valuable insight and advice that they can trust.
  • Providing the right environment for our people and the right people for our clients.
  • Anticipating client needs and being forthright in our advice to ensure the best outcome for the client.
  • Agreeing to and meeting our commitments, we deliver what we promise every day for every client.

Our local team of Invercargill accountants and business advisers can draw upon the capability, connections and expertise of our national and global network. If you are looking for exceptional local accountancy and advisory services or solutions then BDO Invercargill can help.

Our Services

Our Invercargill office has 4 partners and 29 staff providing a full range of both traditional and contemporary business advisory, financial, accounting, audit, and assurance services to provide professional support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of your business or personal situation.

Running a small or medium sized business in New Zealand means you are balancing a lot of competing priorities for your time and resources. You’re passionate about what you do, but sometimes you feel like there is no one readily available to act as a trusted partner and sounding board for those key business decisions. We provide a range of services that will help you grow by adding value beyond the basic numbers and compliance, including:

Our advisory team provides a personalised experience based on your unique needs. Strong relationships are at the heart of what we do. We ensure we understand what’s most important to you before we help you with a plan to achieve your dreams.

We can help you step back from the day-to-day and focus on the bigger picture. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business, and we can help you to navigate business growth successfully, receive the experience and service you can rely on.

Our Business Advisory Services include, but are not limited to:

Contact Tim WardGreg Thomas or Dallas Peters to learn more about BDO Invercargill’s Business Advisory Services.

Our corporate finance and deal advisory team can assist you in a range of services including mergers and acquisitions, raising debt or equity, capital restructurings, and other strategic business decisions. BDO’s international presence enables our clients to take advantage of global opportunities and is a significant benefit when it comes to identifying and facilitating opportunities across the globe.

Our team has extensive experience and is highly committed to helping you achieve your strategic objectives by taking a tailored, quality-driven, proactive, and personal approach.

Our Corporate Finance Services include, but are not limited to:

Contact Tim Ward to learn more about BDO Invercargill’s Corporate Finance Services.

We specialise in helping businesses and their stakeholders navigate financial challenges and get back on track. When it comes to business recovery or potential solvency, timing is of the essence. The earlier advice is sought, the more options are available.

Contact Tim Ward to learn more about BDO Invercargill’s Business Restructuring service.

BDO Invercargill can deliver a robust and independent audit service that delivers beyond the traditional scope. With our international methodology and software programs, we go beyond delivering independent financial statement audits, to provide you with constructive ideas for improving internal controls, financial systems, and procedures in your business.

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, tailored service that will exceed your expectations. Whether the audit is a legislative requirement or requested for a special purpose, we're committed to a high level of service and expertise.

Our Audit and Assurance services include:

  • Statutory audits
  • Review engagements
  • Agreed upon procedures
  • Risk advisory

Contact Aaron Higham to learn more about BDO Invercargill’s Audit and Assurance services.

Agribusiness is the backbone of the New Zealand economy. BDO agribusiness is proud to support this sector with with over 60 dedicated specialists throughout the country, including 5 in Invercargill

Our team knows the extensive and diverse primary sector. Get sector specific service that you can rely on.

Our agribusiness and primary industry services include:

Contact Greg Thomas and Dallas Peters to learn more about BDO Invercargill’s agribusiness services

BDO’s virtual CFO experience provides trusted advice when you need it most, because you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Running a small or medium sized business is a balancing act with priorities completing for your time, resources, and finances, it can feel as though there is no one readily available to act as a trusted partner and sounding board for your key business decisions.

If you want to spend more time focusing on your business and servicing your customers, rather than on admin and problem resolution, get in touch with the team at BDO Invercargill, the team that wants to help you achieve your dreams.

Contact Greg Thomas to learn more about BDO Invercargill’s virtual CFO services.

More information about our virtual CFO services can be found here.

Leading through innovation

In today’s ever complex world, wherever you’re at in your business journey, you need business consultants who understand your needs.

Juggling the complexities of business can be overwhelming balancing competing priorities for your time and resources, including your finances. You have created something you are passionate about, but sometimes feel there is no one easily available to act as a trusted sounding board.

Whether you are starting out, or looking to see where you can go next, our business consultants can help you thrive.


At BDO Invercargill, we aim to inspire, educate, and lead an unstoppable movement for sustainable and regenerative business practice. We know that risk management is a driver for change, the future is changing, and the future is now. We are embracing sustainable practice through the adoption of the ESG model, which is integral to maintaining and creating sustainable organisational value and impact.

We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts and playing our part in addressing the challenges our planet is facing. That is why we are actively integrating environmental considerations into our work practices, through the effective use of innovative environmental technologies and practices

  • We have embraced digitisation and cloud-based systems.
  • We offer electronic signature capability (DocuSign).
  • We minimise solid waste through reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • We engage with suppliers who offer environmental best practice.

We are proud to be a part of a BDO firm wide sustainability network, which promises to continuously looks for ways to become a more environmentally friendly business.

At BDO Invercargill, we are in the business of relationships. Our commitment to building long-lasting, genuine, and meaningful relationships applies as much to our clients as it does to our team and our community. We pride ourselves on our people-first culture, which we are committed to creating across the board.

  • We are proactive in our approach to health and wellbeing, through the use of flexi time remote working.
  • We enjoy regular social gathering and activities, which all members of our team participate in together.
  • We proudly promote maintaining balance in wellbeing, through our Big Day Out training, and involvement in national initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness Week, Gumboot Friday, and many others.
  • Training people is at the heart of what we do. Our team is able to access internal and BDO national programmes, to support them with their continued growth and knowledge.
  • Our professionals participate in local boards, and are involved in numerous sporting, cultural and charitable initiatives. We pride ourselves on our commitment to supporting local businesses, the community, and our people. Find out more about how we support the areas that we love and spend time in here.
  • Our people-first culture means we are fully committed to providing an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds and characteristics are valued. We embrace diversity, and the wide range of perspectives and world views is key to our workplace creativity, innovation, and making BDO Invercargill a better place to work, and makes us better at what we do.

We have developed a strategy which ensures our sustainable practices are being undertaken both office-wide, and throughout our network of suppliers:

  • Our why is “People helping people to achieve their dreams every day”, both with our clients and our team. We support our team in achieving their dreams, so that they can help you achieve yours.
  • Our policies and procedures promote a positive impact to all aspects of sustainability covering environmental, social and governance areas.
  • We adhere to ethical behaviour in all of our business practices.
  • We have oversight of risk and opportunities. This includes our ability to embrace technology, monitor government regulatory changes and address social risks such as diversity and inclusion, talent, and other workforce considerations.
  • Our inclusive policies for employees promote diversity.
  • BDO Invercargill is dedicated to promoting a poverty free future. That’s why we ensure all staff earn the living wage and above.

Contact us

Our local team of Invercargill accountants and business advisers can draw upon the capability, connections and expertise of our national and global network. If you have any enquiries, whether it’s to ask about our range of accounting services or career opportunities, or to submit an RFP we’d love to hear from you.

Contact one of our Partners here or fill out the form below to get in touch with our team of accountants and business advisers:

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